Commencement By Failure

by Reshitivist

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Songs written between August 2011-December 2015
Guitars & bass recorded August 12th -December 6th 2015
Drums recorded September 6th-7th 2015
Vocals recorded October 9th-November 23rd 2015
Keys composed and recorded August 2011-March 7th 2016
Percussion & effects recorded September 7th 2015-March 8th 2016
Storms recorded October 10th-11th 2015
Mixed December 2015-March 18th 2016
Mastered March 18th-20th 2016

All performances, recordings and production were done at the Gradge by Bage August 2015-March 2016

All lyrics and music written, performed, recorded, produced and mastered by Bage 2013-2016.
Art & layout by Bage
Photography by Daniel Johnson Photography
All recordings are the property of Bage


released May 11, 2016

Recidivist is a solo project I've developed over the last 4-5 years while going through many ups and downs in life. Commencement By Failure is a collection of songs that fit a musical concept and lyrics were later written with certain concepts in mind. It's my most personal offering I've ever released in a number of ways.
This is a follow up album to my first solo project Law Breaker - DMT EP.
Recording and mixing most instruments took place between August 2015 - March 2016. Some keys were written and recorded and left on my computer as ideas for when I made something like this "in the future", sometime; I assume beginning from August 2011, and compiled then added to between August 2015 & March 2016.
I originally began recording the project in 2013 (with 8 songs) and re-recorded demos of songs many times while also writing and demoing new pieces as I went.
The finished release has strayed from what I intentionally conceptualized in a few positive ways, and has become an ominous piece of art I'm more than proud of to attach my name to and show to the world.



all rights reserved


Reshitivist Melbourne, Australia

One man blackened death metal / grind from Victoria, Australia.

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Track Name: Narrative
Now a glorious time has come
A time of bliss and transformation
I've come to sing a song and slowly send you off to sleep
And steal your thoughts from their presence

Alone in the world one seeks a multitude of things
Survival is no longer of mass importance
Because we have all been misled
Misled into stagnation
No future, equivalent to death
You face nothing. You are nothing.
You're against knowing your full potential, and I don't know if you'll make it out to see the light
(The light that will rise from the darkness. The one that always does and bring life and the possibility of more. The one that's neglected and decaying)

I struggle to fathom an outcome that's positive for you
Because you've neglected yourselves
Now you're unprepared for everything that's coming
I do not pity you, but I will mourn as I live
Track Name: Unified and Destroyed
No muse, no inspiration, no energy
Fuck you, tangled human
You gave my potential to the dirt that is all that you know
The dirt you live everyday
The dirt you despise
You are queen of disease, get on your high horse and ride where you please
Stubborn, sensitive and aggressive
I just don't like you
You fucking suck the like right from me

You are a burden
But how could you be so capable, savvy and beautiul?

You left me out then let me fo after many things
I didn't mean to do you wrong
But what you felt right just wasn't for me
I felt frustrated and invincible but that wasn't the truth
I'm sad and weak and you showed me this
I'm grateful for your teaching but bitter you rejected mine in such a callous wau

I was there when you needed me (involuntarily(
You were there only when you wanted to be, present only upon the presence of your (warped) will

I know I broke you but you were cracked to begin with
Once you felt who you left me to fall to the place you crawled up from
I'm happy you're on your way but (ultimately) sad we're so distant now

You made me crazy and I forgive you
Track Name: Smear of Potential
And I no longer care
I feel like crying
You let me down
You let yourself down
I let myself down
By choosing you

The thorn in my side
Who even are you?
Who do you choose to impress?

I don't care anymore, I no longer want
You've made mistakes and you won't change what matters
You are wrong
You are beyond a benefit

Entirely unsuportive

Nothing but against me
You do nothing but hold me back
Abhorrence for you
Track Name: Garden of Shit
I've been asleep for too long
I've let the garden grow wild
A world of tresspassers surround like vermin

Coming and going uninvited
I have a golden question I never asked

I don't want what you have
Nor what you have to offer
Not anymore you will just take what's mine
I don't believe you

Please ignore me
Disregard me entirely

They that mock and defame
Worthless leach-like people playing their own games

No one helps, no one cares
I fucking feel pathetic
Too much, too far gone

Perpetuate a negative and watch me drown as I struggle
Deep. Down. Narrowing. Crushing.
I never directly called for help but you all saw I needed it

I've been awake for too long and I still have much work to do
I have so much but I don't know if I will manage

I'll seek in the garden and I will find
Track Name: Disrupt Order
Beneficial substances
Illicit intentions

I am fucking done
Cease your speaking
I pray the worst upon you all
I wish you torture
I hope that you suffer
I have little
You have control of an illusion - and only this illusion
Eventually the scales will shift and I and we shall have our peace in its entirety
But not before much disturbance and destruction towards you and all you cherish
You plebs, you beasts
I have not sympathy for you

It's all too evident that exploitation is the name of the game
Burn and prosper with me
Give of yourself when this universe beckons
Seek the underlying intentions
Question everything
Don't settle for what lacks sense
Disrupt "order"
Track Name: The Deluge
Visitors arrive at desolation
Transform it into bliss
Manipulations of the flesh
Slaves created and caged
A gift of knowledge, a gift of sin
Treachery in utmost flair

Destroy, eradicate, kill the beasts
Start again
Ungrateful, disgusting, revolting plebs
You have demanded a life of nothing and rejected bliss beyond your wildest dreams
Abandoned and sent to the bottom of the bottom
The deluge will come
Dominion given to a stone
To instill fear, instill have and shape you into nothing (worthy)
You will suffer
For you are subservient
You were created by powers you cannot fathom

And now you don't even know what to believe
You're incapable of such
Shaped by the right hand of zero
You lack importance and understanding
You will never be anything more that nothing with no hope
Unless you make a serpent your savior

Always learning but I think I can almost see
How utterly hopeless fighting will be
There's no other way to survive; alive, without persecution
Read what I share, hear what I say, you're free to make your own choice either way
Track Name: Spawn (Caduceus)
Alone and in pain
What was I told to remember?
I stand and look and I see nothing
Nothing but desolation
I see nothing
I know it's pointless but I explore
Then I return to nowhere
The cold nothing I came from
I need help
There is no one
Yet I feel I am being watched
Track Name: Lethargic, Frustrated, Brainwashed?
You're lied to everyday
Misled in a multitude of ways and you don't care
Cognitively dissonant with your existence
Yet I'm sure you care for many other things

Changes are being made
A man repeating a tale
A broken record few choose to hear
Yet its sounding louder always
I hope you grow tired of it

Unite and learn

Before you sell your soul for a penance
Always against one another
You know no better
But know no different
I bow out
You win
You are right
I hope you enjoy the grand nothingness that comes with winning battles while being oblivious to the war - a war that I'm not going to fight anymore

Say with me, now I'm free
Track Name: The Arsehole Man (Compassion Meets Severe Anguish)
There are times I wish I just wasn't alive
And there are times I wish I could embrace everything
There must be more
And then I fall down again

I invite discomfort
It's almost all I know anyway
Ridicule me
Outcast and shun me

Deliver me from this phony concept
For I can take no more

I suppose this is the best it will ever get
Track Name: Resign
I fucking quit
There's no winning for me here
Not in this place where I choose not to compete
I feel misled

I feel taken advantage of
I feel as though I've been lied to and used
I am so lonely
And she won't help me
I'm useless and apparently it's all my fault

What do I actually do?
Not much apart from struggle and depress those around me
Those who are already unstable
Those who cling

I don't need this
But I don't know what I need
That's why she torments me

I feel like a burdened burden
On the earth
(There's no resolution)

I am entirely blown away
I leave myself speechless
Track Name: Concslusion Omni
The flame dies without my consent
I choose to cross the line
Inevitable suffering